Highlights 2022

Since 2014, HackZurich unites the world's best tech talents, selected from thousands of applications, representing several elite universities and leading organizations from +85 countries, to collaborate and develop innovative web-, mobile- and hardware applications during a 40-hours hackathon in teams. Global industries and organizations provide the latest technologies, tools, and APIs to spark the creation of new prototypes. HackZurich is an unforgettable adventure that every tech-talent should experience at least once in their lifetime: A fun and unique opportunity to touch base with new technologies, innovative communities and career opportunitie

Winners 2022

  • #1 GridGuard

    GridGuard puts a large swarm of private SmartDevices under a central command. This way, the government can shut off non-essential, private devices across the country at the press of a button and save us from a black-out with minimal negative effect to our lives.
    Team: Marc Bitterli, Chiara Turel, Philippe Voinov
  • #2 Flidless

    Flidless effectively eliminates the need for multiple custom & boarding pass checks - by confirming a match of the passenger's personal data with their flight details, using a Zero-Knowledge Proof of Identity.
    Team: Andrey Gizdov, Vasco de Graaff, Zvezdin Besarabov, Viktor Velev, Jakub Szybinski
  • #3 cleARails

    cleARails is an app that lets workers focus on making the railways safe, without the back pain.
    Team: Andrei Dorian Duma, Sebastian Rings, Iulia Dumitru, Aleksandra Kim, William Provenaz

Videos 2022