Past Events

HackZurich 2022

Winners 2022

  • #1 GridGuard

    GridGuard puts a large swarm of private SmartDevices under a central command. This way, the government can shut off non-essential, private devices across the country at the press of a button and save us from a black-out with minimal negative effect to our lives.
    Team: Marc Bitterli, Chiara Turel, Philippe Voinov
  • #2 Flidless

    Flidless effectively eliminates the need for multiple custom & boarding pass checks - by confirming a match of the passenger's personal data with their flight details, using a Zero-Knowledge Proof of Identity.
    Team: Andrey Gizdov, Vasco de Graaff, Zvezdin Besarabov, Viktor Velev, Jakub Szybinski
  • #3 cleARails

    cleARails is an app that lets workers focus on making the railways safe, without the back pain.
    Team: Andrei Dorian Duma, Sebastian Rings, Iulia Dumitru, Aleksandra Kim, William Provenaz

HackZurich 2021

Winners 2021

  • #1 Thunderstroke

    Run online meetups with friends in a funny way. Thunderstroke is an exciting application of real-time image processing algorithms and artificial intelligence to hold a live, remote jam session in 3D to liven up otherwise dry online meetings with music. A laptop is all that is needed to play along. With simple gestures, not only the familiar air guitar can be played, but also other instruments such as air drums or even an air triangle.
    Team: Ivan Nesic, Noemi Nellen, Tijana Wekker, Jiayao Yu
  • #2 Voki

    Voki is an innovative messaging app that shows a practical summary of content and emotions thanks to artificial intelligence for voice messages.
    Team: Maxime Vidal, Aristotelis Economides, Matthieu Le Cauchois, Aurélien Morel
  • #3 ZooMania

    ZooMania is a shopping app that not only helps children to find more sustainable product alternatives while shopping. Sustainable behaviour is rewarded with points, surprises and digital collectibles.
    Team: Terence La, Peter Müller, Alexander Pfyffer, Marc Wittwer

HackZurich 2020

Winners 2020

  • #1 AI Search for spoken audio

    Searching for various segments within a long-form podcast episode is very difficult and cumbersome.Want to listen to the segment where Elon Musk smoked weed on the Joe Rogan podcast? Good luck finding it in a 2h40min long episode. With state-of-the-art AI techniques this team solved this challenge.
    Team: Ferdinand Langnickel, Kevin Smith
  • #2 Tim the Team Plant

    Tim the Team Plant is a gamified way to visualize your team’s health. It plugs into the tools your team already uses to communicate and helps you understand how your team is doing. If you as a team score well on parameters such as equal speaking time, speaker rotation and information flow, Tim will thrive. If your team is low on any of the scores, Tim will be sad and give recommendations on how to improve your score and therefore your team health.
    Team: Severin Candrian, David Pham, Christoph Weber, Dominique Kunz, David Ackermann
  • #3 Environment Karaoke

    The web application lets you sing your favourite songs in a different way. While the music stays the same, the lyrics are adapted to stress the beauty of nature and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.
    Team: Reem Abdel-salam, Alzbeta Kubincova, Maja Jablonska, Marta Pacuszka
  • Audience Award: Crowdfree

    Crowdfree is a mobile app for enhancing the restaurant experience during the pandemic. It offers a fully automated service to give the best user experience when visiting a restaurant or cafe. The user starts by looking for a suitable seat to book, goes there, and checks in to get the online menu. After ordering, the user pays and checks out through the app. Finally, the user fills out a survey to improve their suggestions and share good venues with other users.
    Team: Mohamed Amr, Francesca Sanfilippo, Carolina Lindqvist, Markus Haug, Saiha Shaik

HackZurich 2019

Winners 2019

  • #1 FaceScape

    FaceScape defines your face as a new interaction dimension and combines it with traditional input devices (such as mouse and keyboard) to offer a more productive interaction with digital devices. It can be helpful for normal people as well as people with disabilities.
    Team: Sara Sarabadani Tafreshi, Amir Esmaeil Sarabadani Tafreshi, Amirehsan Sarabadani Tafreshi
  • #2 ErgoHack

    No more back pain. The app uses the webcam of the computer to give direct feedback on the attitude and correlates this with other productivity metrics.
    Team: Jonathan Lehner, Nico Zahnd, Martin Eigenmann, Florence Pfammatter
  • #3 ob-late

    Augmented Reality App which automatically detects objects in real time and translates them directly into the desired language.
    Team: Jared Fullwiler, Akshay Kale

HackZurich 2018

Winners 2018

  • #1 Deepbusters

    Webapplication that helps to make sure videos online are actually real.
    Team: Heiki Riesenkampf, Igor Susmelj, Nicolas Zahnd, Tris-Denny, Leyh-Bannurah
  • #2 Freewee

    Application that increases people safety by detecting people staying in dangerous spots, and then, informing and motivating them to move.
    Team: Ehsan Sarbadani, Amir Sarabadani, Sara Sarabadani
  • #3 Team6

    An application that raises awareness of the footprint of food consumed.
    Team: David Keller, Ivo Drescher, Francesco Schirinzi, Damiano Schirinzi

HackZurich 2017

Winners 2017


    Mobile Application that provides rescue mission operators with IoT data in order to coordinate the brigades. With the help of augmented reality headset, the rescuer is supported on site and can display relevant information and commands from the mission operator.
    Team: Tobias Oliver Khan, Dennis Wehrle, Jan André, Matt Koslowski
  • #2 JRED

    Project that helps to diagnose development coordination disorder (DCD) with the help of a robot as moderator in conducting a concise version of the M-ABC test.
    Team: Eric Bezzam, David Hoeller, Richard Droste, Jonathan Bechtold

    Application that allows the user to take pictures of runners at a sports event and provides real-time information about the name, current rank, past runs and much more.
    Team: Lukas Schönbächler, Patrick Del Conte, Nicole Strebel, Cloe Hüsser

HackZurich 2016

Winners 2016

  • #1 Ivy

    Create websites without programming skills - the intelligent voice control produces appealing designs in seconds.
    Team: Rene H. Brandel, Julian Brendl, Yue Ou and Michael Vakoc
  • #2 Photodition

    Discover new products or services by fulfilling playful tasks of this mixed-reality application.
    Team: Team: Andrei Barsan, Mick Neupart, Taivo, Pungas, Lionel Trébuchon
  • #3 Move Together

    Motivate work colleagues for gymnastic exercises at the workplace with this collaborative and fun application.
    Team: Amir Esmaeil Sarabadani Tafreshi, Amirehsan Sarabadani Tafreshi, Sara Niederer

HackZurich 2015

Winners 2015

  • #1 #nerdishBy Nature

    Emergency response before the ambulance arrives.
    Team: Alexander Immer, Willi Raschkowski, Nico Ring, Sven Mischkewitz
  • #2 convene

    Collaborative knowledge graph powered research notebook.
    Team: Benedikt Brandner, Philipp Dowling, Robert Weindl, Hai Nguyen Mau
  • #3 Newsic

    Listen to your music mixed with location-based news and location-based information which are interesting for you.
    Team: Kevin Weber, Christopher Siegel, Marcel Engelmann

HackZurich 2014

Winners 2014

  • #1 Immersive

    Use your smartphone and a simple cardboard to create a stunning virtual reality impression!
    Team: Johannes Schickling, Emanuel Jöbstl, Matthias Standfest, Elisaweta Masserova
  • #2 Get Cooking

    Smart recipe app based on the contents of your fridge.
    Team: Yassin Hassan, Marc Gähwiler, Nina Wang, Jean-Marie Bise
  • #3 Minoropus

    Game to playfully introduce kids to programming.
    Team: Roger Küng, Georgios Christodoulou, Jérémie Rappaz, Jérémy Rabasco