Highlights 2023

Since 2014, HackZurich unites the world's best tech talents, selected from thousands of applications, representing several elite universities and leading organizations from +85 countries, to collaborate and develop innovative web-, mobile- and hardware applications during a 40-hours hackathon in teams. Global industries and organizations provide the latest technologies, tools, and APIs to spark the creation of new prototypes. HackZurich is an unforgettable adventure that every tech-talent should experience at least once in their lifetime: A fun and unique opportunity to touch base with new technologies, innovative communities and career opportunitie

Winners 2023

  • #1 EasyInsurance

    Discover EasyInsurance: Your Passport to Effortless Health Coverage! 🏥💰 Lost in the insurance maze? EasyInsurance simplifies the hunt for the best health coverage. No more confusion. Let AI do the heavy lifting! 💼 EasyInsurance finds your perfect plan, matches your current coverage, and even generates the necessary documents for a seamless switch.
    Team: Jonny Burger, Isabell Fink, Matteo Gamba, Silvan Kübler
  • #2 LogiCare

    Say hello to LogiCare, your go-to stress and fatigue management solution during those long screen sessions. It tracks your usage patterns and webcam feed to remind you when it's time for a well-deserved break. 🌴
    Team: Bravo Jiayao (Mao) Yu, Luan Wei (Lune), Henri Karba, Ilia Zalesskii
  • #3 Graphed Success: The Future of Research Knowledge Management

    Their project offers a groundbreaking approach to research journals. 📚🚀 Say goodbye to the traditional way of documenting research activities. With Graphed Success, researchers can now summarize their daily triumphs and challenges in just five minutes. 📝🔍 This innovation leverages NLP to create an internal knowledge repository, revolutionizing the way we manage research knowledge.
    Team: Ria Rosenauer and Felix Schwarzfischer