• Ralitsa Angelova

    Geo Quality Eng Lead, Google

  • Nicole Büttner

    Co-Founder & CEO Merantix Labs

  • Pascal Mathis

    Partner at Wingman AG, Co-Founder and former COO GetYourGuide AG, former Industry Manager Google

  • Imai Jen-La Plante

    Lead Applied Scientist & Senior Manager Expedia Group

  • Christof Roduner

    VP Engineering, CIO and Co-Founder at Scandit

  • Isa Steiner

    Digital Entrepreneur

  • Adrian Hilti

    Co-Founder Red or Blue Labs and Co-Founder busuu.com

  • Raimundo Sierra

    VirtaMed Co-CEO & Founder

  • Kevin Sartori

    Co-founder Auterion

  • Jérome Zürcher

    Founder, LastingImpact.AI and AI for Executives Lecturer, ETH Zürich